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an Utada Hikaru icon contest

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Hello, and welcome to HikkICONtest!, an Utada Hikaru icon contest community. As usual, there are some rules and procedures that I advise you take a look at. The contents, linked for convenience, are as follows:

rules --- entering --- voting --- promote --- history

00: Yes, 00. I’m warning your right now to get ready for my antics and twisted sense of humor. I have a sarcasm issue sometimes, and some quirks that you may already be picking up on. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Everyone does.

01: If you break any of these rules, I’ll give you a maximum of two warnings. If you don’t shape up, you’ll ship out, and that’s that. I know this seems harsh, but I’m not going to let any trouble makers ruin things for anyone else. Just behave, okay?

02: Please enter only once per week. Don’t be sneaky, because if you’re smart, you’ll know that never works.

03: All entries must fit the standard LiveJournal format: 40KB or less, and 100x100 pixels or less. Also, they must adhere to any themes, lyrics, or images that I will cite in the challenge post. It’ll be blatantly obvious, so just pay attention and you’ll be fine.

04: Don’t enter anyone else’s icons. Even if they give you permission.

05: Don’t take anyone’s entries either, unless it’s after that specific challenge has ended, and you have the owner’s permission. Voting entries will be FRIENDS ONLY in order to deter this!

06: Don’t use your icon, post it anywhere, or in any way show it to the public or its connection to you until the challenge is over. Advertising it, intentionally or not, will mean disqualification from the challenge, so just don’t.

07: Finally, all entries must include Miss Utada in one way or another. Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but I might as well make sure we‘re absolutely clear on this.

The challenges will be weekly. Every Sunday evening, I’ll post a new challenge. You’ll have until Friday, usually at 6:00 PM EST, to submit. (If there’s a change, it’ll be mentioned in the challenge entry.)

Submit by commenting on the appropriate challenge entry! Comments will be screened.

Submissions should look like this:


Please host your icon on your own server, for I don’t even have a site to offer hosting on. Try Photobucket.com if you need somewhere to host.

Keep in mind that you have no reason to make your own entries at all; direct all comments and concerns to me either via e-mail, or by commenting on challenge entries. (The latter is the preferred method of doing this. I advise you to comment.)

After the 6:00 PM EST deadline on Fridays, I’ll post a voting entry (which will be FRIENDS ONLY) with all of the icons. Vote by commenting to these posts, for which comments will once again be screened.

Votes should look like this (in order of preference):

Best (whatever): 04

Best (whatever) categories might not always be applicable; again, it’ll be blatantly obvious in the appropriate voting post if there’s a special category or not. Also, there might be a Mod's Choice in place of a best (whatever) category. It varies.

And please don’t vote for yourself. It’s incredibly lame, and I’ll know if you do.

Voting closes at 6:00 PM EST on Sunday. After that deadline, I’ll post results, and soon afterward, the new challenge.

Awards banners will come within the next few days. Sometimes, if the voting is clear enough ahead of time, I'll have them ready with the results. Just don't get too used to that degree of earliness.

I’m not a fan of it, but regardless, feel free to link here anyway. I won’t bite you if you don’t link here, believe me. Only one button so far though:

Yes, I'm aware that this banner doesn't match the rest. Since it's "history", as in "not now", it really doesn't need to...if you think about it.

Anyway, here's a list of previous challenges and the related links, all clearly labeled. Not a whole lot to explain here. It might not be the most updated thing in the world, but I try to keep up with it as well as I can.

Week 01; "beginning" - submit; vote; results + banners
Week 02; lyrical ("Kremlin Dusk") - submit; vote; results + banners
Week 03; "innocence" - submit; vote; results + banners
Week 04; picture ("Utada.com") - submit; vote; results + banners
Week 05; "love" - submit; vote; results; banners
Week 06; "spring" - submit

I guess that wraps it up for now. Keep in mind, these rules and procedures may change at any time. Any changes worth noting will be mentioned within the community. Thank you very much if you actually read through this whole thing; I’m glad to see some people still care about things like this. And my apologies for being so long-winded.

Happy iconning,
Sami, mod/maintainer (tamashiichan)